For our 3rd edition of Team Member Spotlight, we are featuring Brenda Schluter!  As a consultant with The Shealy Group since 2006 and prior to that the Principal of her own firm for 15 years, Brenda has provided professional services as a Certified Public Accountant for nearly 30 years. Serving individuals and businesses in a variety of industries, some of her service specialties include tax planning, problem resolution with taxing authorities, operational reviews, cash flow forecasting and budgeting, and Key Performance Indicator development and analysis. Brenda is a diverse and dynamic professional making her an asset to The Shealy Group team.  I sat down with Brenda to ask some questions about her successful career, her approach to consulting and life outside of the office!


Tiffany:  You bring a lot of professional and life experience to The Shealy Group.  What has been your biggest achievement or proudest moment with the firm?


Brenda: I think you just called me old… but I guess I have been around a few years!  But that’s a good thing since I’ve always tried to learn something new each day even if it is just a new vocabulary word!  I think my proudest moments are those times we celebrate with our clients on their successes, whether business or personal.  The experience of becoming a trusted advisor to our clients is my most rewarding accomplishment.

Tiffany: Your experience and background is diverse and unique to other CPA’s.  From owning your own firm to your venture in real estate development, how does your life experience influence your approach to consulting?

Brenda:  I take the knowledge that I’ve gained from my unique experiences and apply them, when necessary, to the situation I am working through with a client.  For all of us in the industry, being able to draw upon personal and professional past experience sets each of us apart as consultants.  You just never know when your experience will come in handy!

Tiffany: You work a lot with successful business owners.  What is your advice to any new business owners, from an accounting perspective?

Brenda: So many times, a new business start-up is so focused on the actual implementation of the business that they forget how important a business plan can be for success.  To help new business owners, I bring to light some of the difficult questions that need to be answered and variables that need to be considered in order to create for them a well-defined business plan.  Having this plan as a solid foundation will help them to reap future rewards!

Tiffany:  Now for some fun questions! I know you’re an avid concert go-er and rock music fan.  What band have you NOT seen that you want to or wish you could check off your bucket list? Any band, past or present!

Brenda:  That really is a tough one since I’ve been to so many festivals that feature so many bands! I seem to keep missing the Foo Fighters and I’ve heard their live show is amazing.

Tiffany:  Describe your perfect day off from work.  Who are you with and what are you doing?

Brenda:  I would be visiting with my best friend who now lives in Houston, preferably at a concert with my other close friends and my kiddos!


Working with Brenda is a pleasure and seeing the dedication she has to her clients and their success is inspiring!  To her clients, she is a trusted and respected advisor who is focused on their long and short term goals.  To us, she is a valuable team member and friend that we can always count on.