In honor of National Small Business Week, we would like to share with you our small business story!  During the Fall of 2001 our founder and principal, Dave Shealy, our firm administrator, Debra Clouse and Accounting Director, Sue Bennett joined forces, moved into our current office building and began was is now The Shealy Group!  Since its inception, The Shealy Group has steadily grown into a well-respected and recognized accounting firm working with new and established individuals and businesses, many of which have been our clients since we opened our doors.  It was Dave’s strong desire to do more for his clients and help them to succeed that was the driving force behind starting his own firm.  

“There’s nothing like seeing a client breaking through”, Dave said in his interview for The Shealy Group’s 2017 Small Business of the Year Award nomination, “that’s what keeps us going”.   This statement still rings true today.  

Education, one of our Core Values is also important to The Shealy Group –  not only for ourselves but for our clients as well.  To us, education is one of the keys to success!  We are mindful of this philosophy and strive to remain up to date on industry trends and new laws or rules that effect our clients and their businesses.  We continually update our website and social media accounts with useful and timely information from credible sources in pursuit of our education efforts as well.  Another strong focus for us is on our community and make yearly contributions both monetarily and with our time supporting various organizations and local charities.  As a small business, we appreciate our community and we are committed to doing everything we can to make it a great place to live and work.  

We are proud of our business and all that we have accomplished over the years.  Most importantly, we are proud of our clients who continue to motivate and challenge us to do our best for them each day!  We are truly grateful!

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