For our second edition of Employee Spotlight, we are featuring Sue Bennett, our Accounting Director and a founding member of The Shealy Group!  Sue began her career in banking and moved to public accounting over 30 years ago.  Client service is something that she prides herself on and it shows!  Her strong reputation is backed up by her loyal and long standing client base as well.  Her extensive experience includes agribusiness, manufacturing and distribution, construction, retail, and service industries.  She has also been a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2002!  

I sat down with Sue to gain her insight on success with The Shealy Group, staying motivated, and more!

Tiffany: As a founding member of The Shealy Group, what has been your key to success and longevity as a consultant?
Sue: Without a doubt it is the great clients with whom I have the pleasure of working. Becoming a trusted member of their management team is the most rewarding feeling as a consultant.

Tiffany: What has been your greatest achievement or your proudest moment at The Shealy Group?  
Sue: For this one you need a little backstory; back when Dave decided to follow his dream of being more than just your regular CPA firm, crunching numbers and preparing tax returns, I was honored and excited to be invited as a member of the founders group. There were those in the industry who told me it was the worst decision I could make for my family and that they’d give us (The Shealy Group) six months before we realized that as fact and regretted our decision. Despite their skepticism, The Shealy Group was born and time moved on. We have been blessed with a loyal trusting group of clients who have referred us to friends and colleagues ever since. Fast forward to 2017.  When we received the Richland Chamber Small Business of the Year Award my second thought was “take a good look at us now” but my first thought was “Thank you, Dave Shealy!” Professionally, that was it for me.

Tiffany: What motivates you personally and professionally to do your best?
Sue: If you know me at all you know that I take each client relationship very personally, so often the personal/professional line gets blurred for me.  Faith is my greatest motivator. Faith that there isn’t a challenge that cannot be overcome once you have the reality of a situation and are blessed to work as part of a like-minded team of professionals. Faith that there isn’t anything that can happen to me today that together God and I cannot handle.

Tiffany: What was your ‘dream job’ when you were a kid?  Did you always have a knack for this type of work?
Sue: Honestly, I was pretty sure I was going to be a princess when I grew up. Then I entered second grade and someone burst my bubble.  In high school I leaned heavily toward the sciences but always loved math.  At the end of my first year of college I changed my direction from radiology to accounting and I haven’t looked back since.

Tiffany: Now for a fun question!  If you could have one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?  
Sue: Hmm, something spicy, with lots of different vegetables all mixed together…not! Fettuccine Alfredo with grilled chicken and broccoli, of course.

If you have had the pleasure to work with Sue over the years, you can attest that she is honest, dedicated and holds herself accountable.  She continues to set the bar high for all of us at The Shealy Group and inspires each of us to be our very best each day.  It is a pleasure to work with someone who is as passionate about their work as Sue is and we look forward to the years and projects to come.