As part of our dedication to community, The Shealy Group gives back in a variety of ways. This year, we are proud to sponsor Chillicothe, Ohio athlete, Joe Lawhorn, in the Race Across America 2018.

Joe served our country for 12 years in the Marines and Army, enlisting in the armed forces at the age of 17. Now medically retired, Joe has turned to cycling to cope with PTSD. “It has given me a new life”, he said in a recent interview with Courtney Yuen with WCMH News in Columbus, Ohio. “It’s the only way I know how to honor the guys that gave more than me”. His focus and dedication to cycling is inspiring and honorable, as he draws the strength to keep going from his military brothers and sisters.

Joe begins his RAAM 2018 journey on June 12th in Oceanside, California and ends it 12 days later in Annapolis, Maryland. He is expected to ride through his home town of Chillicothe, Ohio on June 19th or 20th and we imagine he will have a large crowd of supporters along his path. “It’s huge for me to be able to ride through my hometown,” he told Ms. Yuen. “If I can get here, I know I’ve got the race in the bag”.

The Shealy Group team will also be cheering for Joe in the coming days as we track the race live at For more information on Joe and his journey, please visit his Facebook page

We are so proud of you, Joe! You’ve got this!

-The Shealy Group

Source: Yuen, Courtney. “Long-Distance Cycling Helps Central Ohio Veteran Cope with PTSD.” WCMH, WCMH, 14 Feb. 2018,